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    Gather Industry Elites, Create World Brand

  • Project Planning Consultation 20

    Industry Expert

    Project Planning Consultation

    Main Content:data analysis, target design data determination, operation process determination, multi-set concept plan evaluation, equipment selection, information system selection, final plan determination based on building conditions and so on.

  • System Integration Design 100

    Project Engineer

    System Integration Design

    Main Content :a series of system integration and engineering integration, such as current bottleneck analysis、future demand analysis、data analysis、project design、civil engineering cooperation、fire control design cooperation、equipment selection and configuration、equipment manufacture、on-site installation and debugging、software system test installs、system operation training、system lauch and so on.

  • Equipment R&D and Manufacturing 30

    Senior Equipment Developer

    Equipment R&D and Manufacturing

    Our R&D ability is able to meet market request for all series of intelligent logistics equipment; meanwhile manufacturing customized intelligent equipment for intelligent manufacturing system. Three Star Products:Stacker、Crossbelt Sorter、Conveyor System.

  • Software Research Implementation 50

    Software Developer

    Software Research Implementation

    KENGIC has strong software R&D team,.We have our own SFP software system platform, and MES、WMS、WCS、SDS、RDS system based on it. The platform is open, expansible and customizable

  • Full Life - Time Services 7x24

    Three-Dimensional Service

    Full Life - Time Services

    We have abundant project management experience and supply chain sources, efficient project delivery, 7x 24 efficient and accurate services to meet customers' request.


    Committed to innovative development of smart logistics & intelligent manufacturing

    KENGIC Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on smart logistics system, intelligent manufacturing solutions, and integrates sales, R&D, design, manufacturing, and services. We have more than 200 mu of equipment manufacturing base and 20,000 square meters of research and development center, which is the industry's advanced digital and intelligent manufacturing processing and scientific research base. The sales and technical support center is located in Shanghai, the delivery and operation center is located in Qingdao.

  • 3

    3 Major Corporate Certifications

  • 4

    4 Major Product Certifications

  • 200

    200 Mu Research And Development Assembly Base

  • 3368

    3368 Measuring Devices

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    Be the top solution provider of smart logistics & intelligent manufacturing

  • Intelligent Warehouse Automation Solution
    Intelligent Warehouse Automation Solution

    Intelligent warehouse automation Solution is one of the logistics links, which is an intelligent system composed of three-dimensional storage rack, stacker, shuttle, in-out stock conveying system, lifter, information recognition system, automatic control system, computer monitoring system, computer management system and other auxiliary equipment.

  • Intelligent Conveyor Automation Solution
    Intelligent Conveyor Automation Solution

    Intelligent conveying equipment originates from the traditional logistics handling and conveying machine. With the development of modern information technology and automatic handling equipment and appearance of requirements for large-scaled, fast-paced and flexible manufacturing,

  • Intelligent Sorting Automation Solution
    Intelligent Sorting Automation Solution

    The intelligent sorting system is one of the necessary facility conditions of the distribution center. It is of extremely high sorting efficiency, and can generally sort out 20 thousand pieces of commodities per hour at most. It can be said that the intelligent sorting system is a critical factor to improve distribution efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Intelligent Logistics Solution
    Comprehensive Intelligent Logistics Solution

    The comprehensive logistics solution is a comprehensive solution integrated with intelligent warehousing, intelligent conveying, intelligent sorting and information system management and a complex project integrated with light, machine, electronic and information technologies,

  • Comprehensive Intelligent Manufacturing Solution
    Comprehensive Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

    Germany's "Industry 4.0", America's "Industrial Internet" and China's "Made in China 2025", basically, take intelligent manufacture as the core, trying best to promote upgrading and transformation of manufacture!


    Over ten years of polishing standardized procedures, it ensures commodity safety and user experience


    Gather the most cutting-edge science, technology and information in the industry


    Over ten years of polishing standardized procedures, it ensures project delivery and user experience